These programs support households who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to poor money management, capacity issues, abuse, or overwhelming debt load problems.

Through referrals from other community partners, government programs, and walk-in clients, L.I.P.I. performs an in-depth needs analysis to review sources of income, liabilities and acuity in order to establish an action plan aimed towards ensured stabilization.

If the individual or family involved is assessed as lacking the capacity to implement or maintain the action plan, a mandatory trusteeship is set up for a minimum of one year which empowers L.I.P.I. to act on the behalf of the client.

All sources of income are re-directed into a trust account administered by L.I.P.I.

Services include but not limited to:

Homeless Prevention
Housing Placement / Sustainability / Retention
Finance & Life Skills Development
Income Taxes & Maximize Returns
Distribution of Proceeds
Budgeting (weekly / bi-weekly / monthly)
Third Party Payments (needs & wants)
Liaise and refer to appropriate community linkages and resources