The program is designed to deliver interventions for singles (across all age ranges), aging couples (50+), childless couples, and seniors in order to ensure their housing remains stable by employing on-going preventative measures once an initial crisis has been resolved. It also acts as a support service for those who have accessed LIPI programs in the past and assists them in preventing a crisis from developing.

Tools used include:

DNSSAB – Global and NIF Funds
Assists with Dental, Medical, and Personal Care needs, while also providing Crisis Supports, Housing Supports (Furniture and Appliances), and Household Starter Packs.

Community Housing Guarantee
Revolving loan and payment funding for last month’s rent and utility deposits dependent on the capacity to repay. The program ensures private/public landlords will receive last month’s rent in order to provide an incentive to house individuals and families who are in a difficult financial situation but require housing.

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
Provides a ‘free-of-charge’ income tax processing service for low income households (with an intake of 3,000 households on average annually). This program also ensures that low income households access all of their refunds and benefits, which are kept up-to-date with revenue Canada. This allows the households to receive social services such as Ontario Works, Rent Geared to Income Housing, and etc.