L.I.P.I. Annual Amazing Race

From playing tennis to flinging rubber chickens, paddling in Lake Nipissing, building a robot, catching water balloons (that weren’t all filled with water) in big clown pants, belly dancing, getting stuck in traffic, getting wet, getting dirty and getting lost… LIPI’s annual amazing race is the adventure of a lifetime! Race in teams of four across North Bay while raising money for LIPI, overcoming crazy and fun obstacles that involve physical and mental challenges. All teams require access to a vehicle and a cell phone during the race, and there are prizes for the teams with the most money raised, best costume, best score, and most spirit!
Interested in registering a team? CONTACT US to see when the next race is!

Santa Needs Help

Where toys, games, books, and other fun things were collected and given out to families.

Battle of the Bay

Teams of racers will compete against each other in physical and mental challenges as they navigate through the city. Beware, it could get messy!